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ALGERINE MINESWEEPER - Problems & quest for help!


K W Kirby:

My elderly father (Ex RN and Minesweeper Sailor) is attempting to make an Algerine Model but renaming it to the boat he served on HMS Magicienne.     He has had a stroke and has limited eyesight so is getting frustrated - he lives in Devon and I live in London.  I am trying to help him as much as I can but the stroke has also impacted his memory and he has Short Term Memory Loss so very difficult for me to move him forward with occasional visits and phone/web camera calls.     He has hit a bit of a problem re constructing the funnel.   On the Picture CD there is an image of a rectangular base of the funnel which appears to be the base with a blown lump which appears to fit into the bottom of the funnel so as to support it OR does it?    Or is it from this blown lump that he is suppose to make the top funnel lip?   He is having problems finding the blown bit base (Not sure if he has used it to make the top funnel lip) so we are trying to find the white plastic bits he has cut it out of so we can confirm the approach he has used - he can't find them.    He is also unsure about how the deck should go on.   When it sits in the recess, created by the band of glued balsa strip on the inside, should it be flush with the hull or should there be a recess?  We have already bought the microstrip to help create a band around the edge of the deck. 

I would really appreciate the help of people who have completed this model please.

Many thanks

Ken Kirby

radio joe:
Hi Ken. If you look at my HMS Bramble Algerine Class, page 4 you will see how to build the funnel from the vac form the rectangular base is made by laminating styrene sheet, in fact the whole build is covered if it helps.  ^^^

The build can be found at the bottom left hand corner of the home page :)

Ken Kirby:
Thanks very much for getting back Joe,

I am a bit new to all this.  Had a quick read of your quick comments re the funnel on the build blog, P4 but afraid still not sure.   In your email to me you seem to suggest that I can see - are there any pictures attached that I'm missing?    Is the funnel supposed to fit onto the blown rectangular bottom section?    Where does the funnel top lip come from?     Thanks again Ken 

radio joe:
Ken you must be logged in to see photos, even if you have registered you have to log in each time unless you tick the box "allways stay logged in"


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