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How do i wire up LEDs and operate them from a micro switch? all help will be hugely appreciated

this would depend on a few things, for example does the LED have a resistor built in or not, what is the voltage of the LED, what is the voltage of the batteries, are you connecting the LED's singular or more than one LED in a circuit, i have built myself an Excel worksheet that works the required resistor out for me.

here is an example:

connecting a single LED      
LED in Volt          U=3,50 V
LED in mA           I=18mA
Battery in V        U=6,00 V
Resistor in Ohm  R=138,89
Power loss through resistor    P=0,05 W

not forgetting that LED are Pole sensitive, the long leg is the positive leg...

 Iv cheated a little while im learning as iv purchased some prewired 5v leds to play with, im using a 6v lead acid battery in my boat. I need to work out how to switch them on whilst sailing. Ill probably wire them in groups

so the next questions would be...

what sort of radio gear, do you have a spare channel..??

if you have a spare channel that works like a servo, then there are switch units that can be plugged into the receiver on the corresponding transmiter channel.

like the Action switches... for example the P62 Quadswitch

Im using a planet t5. iv got a spare stick channel and a switch channel.


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