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LED Lighting for Ship Models

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I am in UK and would like to put LED lighting on my model. Can anyone suggest mail order or internet suppliers please?

Hi Alex
i could give you loads of addresses for LED's in Germany, but i am sure that maplins in the UK should have such things. http://www.maplin.co.uk

mind you insted of the normal LED's i use SMD LED's which don't have the legs on them, just a solder location for soldering onto printed circuit boards
which can be seen in the first photo of this post...

paul swainson:
You could also go to this link  http://www.paisleymodelcentre.co.uk/ and they have a selection of 6volt to 12 volts slim bulbs and LEDs.  Paul ^^^

Hello Alex,
My soldering skills are not the best and I shied away fro connecting up LED's and working out Resistor values. I was pointed towards Mr RC World, www.mr-rcworld.co.uk , who do a latching Navigation Lighting Kit for about ?15. This is a small unit about 35 x 15 x 3 mm. One end plugs directly into your receiver and the other end takes 6 LED's which come with a plug and 50cm of lead. Simply plug it in and switch it on from your transmitter. Lots of other good stuff for tecnophobes on the site as well, and very helpful staff. Worth a look.


I've used LED's and resistors picked up from model railway shows to outfit a Revell USS Voyager.  Not finished yet, but looks the part in the dark.  And strangely, is nearly in scale with their CV-6 Enterprise, so can get a good size comparison between the two.  Squires Model Supplies www.squirestools.com are the best that I can recommend.


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