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Title: electrics
Post by: melbreak on 25 September 2015, 16:06:50
Hi can anybody help with a problem I am having with my current build. I am making HMS Javelin (see my build). I have installed two Kondor motors, 15a Marine ESC and 2.4gz RX and TX. After a lot of switching wires and "binding" I got it to all work. when I fitted the deck, and painted, I found that the Rudder wont work, and only the left shaft turns, but I cannot control it!. It has all stopped working now. I still get the green light on the esc, but nothing works at all. I had the RX and TX checked by Howes models, they tell me all is well. This is all frustrating! Do I need anything else? do I need another ESC , one for each motor? Or am I missing something. Please keep it simple for a old man!!
Thanks  Melbreak
Title: Re: electrics
Post by: paul swainson on 25 September 2015, 16:24:57
Hi Melbreak,  Sorry to read about your problems.  I hope I can help a wee bit.  First off I assume you have installed fuses (10 to 15 amp in line with your motors.   Secondly have all the connections been checked and are secure.   Did you set up the ESC to match the motors and the forward and reverse setting on the ESC and your control unit.

If all of these are ok I would start by disconnecting the motors from the ESC and just leave the rudder connected. (check that the plug is is the correct way).  If the rudder does not move with your hand controller then your ESC or the servo is faulty.  Replace the servo with another one (connected outside the boat) and test again.  If it does not work then you have a blown ESC.  If the replacement servo works then you need to test your motors, with the servo disconnected.  Using a new Y lead connect up the motors and connect to the ESC. Operate your control lever very slowly with just about 1/4 of the throttle and see if the motors turn.  If they do not turn then you must have a connection fault with the motors and the inline fuse.  if all is ok then you must have a problem with the power supply to the motors and this needs to be checked.

I hope this has given you something to work with. Regards Paul.
Title: Re: electrics
Post by: Mark on 26 September 2015, 17:58:19
Just a quick question, are the plugs on the leads plugged into the receiver the correct way around, some modern receivers can allow the plugs to be inserted in reverse which will cause problems?

Can you post a picture of the plugs as they are in the receiver?

Title: Re: electrics
Post by: melbreak on 30 September 2015, 08:47:40
Hi all, Sorry for the delay in replying, I took all the advice, took out everything, charged the batteries, checked the wiring and connections. Mark you were right about the connectors on the RX, I did have them the wrong way in. Rudder now works, left engine is OK but still can't get the right engine to work. Am I missing something? Anyway will keep checking this out.
Thanks everybody.
Title: Re: electrics
Post by: Mark on 30 September 2015, 10:09:42
Try these couple of quick tests for the right engine.

1. Is the shaft/propeller free turning, i.e. has it tightened up some how during building?

2. Disconnect the motor from the speed controller and then connect the motor directly to the battery (make sure the motor is turning freely before doing this). Does the motor turn?

Title: Re: electrics
Post by: melbreak on 03 October 2015, 17:38:23
Hi Mark
Thanks I had a eureka moment, the ESC had gone into factory settings, hence the spurious moments. The good news its all working fine!! The bad news the dog was being chased and flew into the shed and damaging Javelin. Does anybody write this script? Ah well out with the Body filler and superglue and I have stopped talking to the dog.

Thanks for all your help over the past few days.
Title: Re: electrics
Post by: Mark on 03 October 2015, 19:33:57
Always remember to keep the door firmly shut when models are out and vulnerable, saves a lot of heart ache  ;D ???
Title: Re: electrics
Post by: melbreak on 05 October 2015, 11:01:04
Hi Mark,    Don't have to tell me twice!!  still not talking to the dog!! Damage not as bad as first thought!
Title: Re: electrics
Post by: colin on 07 October 2015, 09:58:54
glad that the damage it not too bad.  ^^^

now I know why I have no Pets apart from my Tropical Fish..  ::DD

Title: Re: electrics
Post by: Mark on 07 October 2015, 12:33:21
I wouldn't call the sharks that swim in the moat of your Bavarian castle "tropical fish"!
Title: Re: electrics
Post by: colin on 08 October 2015, 06:19:02
be nice to them, and don't pat them on there head to much... they might give you a love bite..