Author Topic: Ron Dean talks about his newly refurbished model of HMS Grenville filmed by R C  (Read 584 times)

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  Filmed at Northampton club day  by R C Warships
 on U tube here

Ron Dean talks about his newly refurbished model of HMS Grenville a WW2 Destroyer and the first kit ever produced at the deans marine factory Model info: Scale 1/96  Length 1.15m  Beam 114mm  Sailing weight 3.3kgs website: www.deansmarine History HMS Grenville was ordered on the 12th June 1941 with 7 others of a class all with names beginning with the letter "U" ie: ULSTER and when launched she was the leader of the 7th emergency flotilla. In 1943 Grenville in company with other destroyers took part in night sweeps up and down the French coast. On the night of the 3/4th October, Grenville and the 4 other ships encountered 5 German R class destroyers who had laid a trap for them. A battle commenced with heavy damage and casualties suffered by both sides. Grenville was hit and stopped. The rest of her war was spent in the Bay of Biscay, where she had a very active career. The full story, told by her captain, is to be found in the book "DESTROYER CAPTAIN" by Roger Hill. In our opinion this is one of the finest true sea stories that we have ever read and for the modeller it is a must. During the 1950's Grenville with the rest of her sisters were converted to type 15 Frigates. She was scrapped by Romanet Ltd of Rochester Kent, and the No X draught mark was removed and presented to DEANS MARINE.
 Ron Dean