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S.M.S KOMET deans marine restoration
« on: 25 September 2021, 10:57:59 »
 S.M.S KOMET   SCALE 1/50  LENGTH 1.5 M  BEAM 212mm
One of the most beautiful and elegant models in the range I feel.
Another of the refit models in the range all original 4 channel radio and bobs boards speed controllers, kestrel motors on 6 volts, a good clean up and an on going restoration
This model has had a very hard life over 20 years at shows and exhibitions, more often than not to prove she is stable and a good sea boat to disprove the trolls on the internet that says she is unstable, we have had her sailing with waves braking over the bridge , but the internet attracts the sad ones who messed theirs up, some have to try and destroy the reputation of a firm to prove they are right ?  How sad,

See her in action on a nice evening test sails on you tube here

 S.Y. KOMET was constructed at Bremer Vulcan a.g. Vegesack 543  and launched on the 6-4-1911.
 She was designed and built as a governors yacht for Deutsche Neu Gunea (German New Guinea).
 She was stationed there until 11-10-14. when she was taken as a war prize by the Australian navy and taken into service as a packet / patrol  boat. She was armed with three 4” guns on pedestal mountings at that time.
 She was then renamed H.M.A.S.  UNA  ( one of a kind)
 After the war she was sold into service as the Pilot boat for the Port Phillip pilot service and renamed AKUNA.
 She gave long service at this position with a legend for rolling on wet grass. The AKUNA was finally broken up in Melbourne in 1955
  enjoy   Deans Marine