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Wicksteed Mayhem weekend
« on: 27 May 2024, 12:22:50 »
Hi All
Report for the Model Boat Mayhem event at Wicksteed park Kettering U K

What a wonderfull weekend, all that is best about our hobby, terrific atmosphere, lots of laughs and joke and a willingness to help each other when this get broke, go wrong, or get bogged down in the car park an spend lots of time talking and explaining to the public about or hobby.

First of all as always, HUGE thank you to the Wicksteed Park Model Boat Club for patiently organising and arranging EVERYTHING and sacrificing their time the water to make sure it all runs well. Martin for staring up Mayhem in the first place and still being the gaffer and keeping it all running.
Probably Mayhems best weekend at Wicksteed ever! 17 years, but estimates rage from 16 to 18 years...! )
Some picture I like from the show
A link here to a lot more
Looking forward to next year
Ron Dean