Author Topic: MASB 33 restoration and sailing trials deans marine  (Read 1114 times)

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MASB 33 restoration and sailing trials deans marine
« on: 24 March 2024, 17:28:13 »
 Another refurb of the older models in the showroom, this one is approx 10 years old. Old 27mg radio and bobs boards and motors stripped out and new Nimh batteries, ESC and 2 motors fitted, linked through 1 x10amp ESC We spent a lot of time getting the balance spot on and motors fitted in cradles with foam pads to insulate from the hull, Double couplings, Tested on a cold windy day she handled a treat just as the sun was setting, hoping to get a nice atmospheric shot into the sunset ? she was running dream and them we picked up a bunch of floating weed, time we got her in and cleared the sun was setting so had to end the day,
maybe we can get her out again in the sunshine and no wind. Model is  1/24th scale, length 812mm  beam 215mm running on 2 falcon 5 motors on 6 volt NiMh batteries.
 Regards Ron