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NEXT kit RELEASE from Deans Marine
« on: 04 January 2020, 11:56:35 »
SCALE 1/100   LENGTH  1.03 m             BEAM 160mm
First run release price 295.00 (incl VAT)   
     Details of the kit
The fibreglass hull in this kit is with full rubbing strip detail.
  Computer generated LASER CUT 1.5mm H.I.P.s plastic forms the main tank deck and basic superstructure is from 1mm & .5mm laser cut plastic
 A complete set of fittings are included in the kit with all detail parts such as weapons, deck fittings, etc,
 cast in light alloy and resin .Propshafts in stainless steel are cased in brass proptubes these, together with a comprehensive instruction book and a FULL SIZE PLAN assist in the assembly of this impressive model.
 A colour chart, plus a set of decals,are included in the kit to add the finishing touch to this kit model as a worthy and much requested addition to our warship range. The model has been designed to carry a range of 1/100 vehicles ( not included ) from plastic kit such as Zveda, Flames of War, Warhammers
battlefront etc or Roco minitanks  if desired.
The LST program was developed in response to a need for armored infantry divisions in invasions by sea.The ships were designed with an innovative ballast system which allowed the flat-bottomed ships to sit lower in the water during ocean transit for seaworthiness purposes, then, by pumping the ballast tanks dry, to raise up in the water, facilitating shallow-draft landing operations. The design for the first LST was submitted by John C. Niedermair in November of 1941. The sketch he made became the design for more than 1,000 L.S.T.'s. After a few alterations the final length was 328 ft., a 50 ft. beam, and a draft of 3 ft. 9½ in. She was able to ride higher in the water when in landing trim.