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Ships plans on paper and .pdfs in var scales inc 1/96


Troy Tempest:
Dear all
I stumbled across this company on FB
They provide colour profiles, paper plans and plans in .pdf format of WWII warships in a variety of scales (1/72, 1/96, 1/100, 1/144, 1/192, 1/200 and 1/350)
I thought this may interest some here?

Paper plans in 1/96 are here;

Prices from 99.99 Euros down to 49.99 Euros including postage
I quote:
"Shipment of plans in time 14 of days from the purchase !!!
The general plan, cross sections, the hull, decks, superstructures, masts, arms, details of fittings - everything what You need to construction of the model. All in the 1/96 scale!
The prices contain the cost of the shipment of plans"
pdf plans in 1/96 are here;

Well Done Troy !


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