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Majestic class pre-dreadnought gun turrets


Hi everyone

In September 2014 I was shown Ron's latest upgrade set for his HMS Magnificent and HMS Hannibal kits to replace the existing vacform items. The new turret hood was designed by a chap called Michael in Germany which has allowed Ron to make GRP replacements and as part of the deal of having the first batch of production items I have produced this build thread just for the turrets.

You will need to use some parts from the kit which I have photographed to show everyone.

The GRP replacement is a sealed unit and you will need to open up the barrel openings (which I did with a Dremel and finished with a smooth rat tail file) and the excess GRP on the base of the turret will need to be removed (I used a rotary file and finished with sandpaper taped to the table).

From the kit you will require the vacform section for the gun barrels and the two resin barrels. File and tidy up the castings and using a super glue of your choice attach the barrels to the vacform section.

More to come this afternoon


Using the template from the 1mm plastic card glue the vacform section and gun barrels to it using the GRP turret as a guide.

Cut out the rear turret floor and trim to fit the new GRP turret floor shape.

To get the floor and vacform section you will need to trim them and file some of the resin off the barrels, this is because the GRP turret is thicker than the original vacform item.

In the upgrade kit you also have three white metal sighting hoods and hatches per turret, a laser cut plastic turret roof cover (I believe Ron does an etched brass version too) and a 3pdr gun kit also made from white metal.

The final vacform item from the Majestic class kits is the turret barbette base which is a simple mark out and cut the excess plastic off job.

The upgrade kit also includes three different sized barbette rings for the turret to rotate on, I've gone for the smallest one for the turret to sit on.

More tomorrow!


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