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For all those like myself, who have spent big bucks on display cases.
You may like to know of "Just Bases" a company in Devon who produce
perspex display cases at reasonable prices.I'm certainly changing to them
after paying over 300  pounds in the past for some of mine. (As I build statics).
I had the chance to see two of these cases at the recent Surface warship
display in Portsmouth. I could buy two cases for what I was paying for one
in the past.

Troy Tempest:
Once more am in your debt Minerva - top find, I will order one for my Zulu
Many thanks

i use a simular firm in Germany for my cases

If any of you have had experience with "just bases", I'd like to know how they operate ?
I contacted them by e mail before Christmas, giving my base size and requirements of the perspex cover.
Paul who replied, gave me a vague quote and said they delivered them by road themselves
 and did not want a deposit ! I'm still not sure if I have actually placed an order ? I had assumed
 as with standard business practice it was a deposit or payment up front. As they are all custom built.
Then delivery by courier as other companies. I ran my own  business for 20 years and this seems like
a recipe for ruin. So feedback please you guys who have their products already.

paul swainson:
Hi Pauline,  I thinking you have not got an order with just-bases.  On their web site they want you to fill in the order form (down load a word Doc) and then send it to them with 50% deposit if the order is over 20 pound.   If under 20 pound the full cost will be required.  You will need to either use your credit card or a cheque.  It may be that the delivery in your case that this gent Paul(no relation) would deliver by road and there may not be a charge for this.  Paul may not have been able to accept your offer of a deposit until you completed an official order form and did not make this clear to you at  the time. Also delivery would take 28 days.   Quick call to them my just confirm that there is no order and that will confirm your fears.  Paul ^^^


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