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radio joe:
Hi .Well I've taken the next step and ordered my second kit from Deans, I have chosen HMS Bramble after a lot of thought and, like a lot of the members of this forum, I like to research the ship I am going to build, me and the wife were walking at Southsea ramparts in Portsmouth and came across the Algerine class memorial and I thought then not as glamorous as the big cruisers and destroyers but non the less very important little ships and given the task that most of them had to perform during the war I find it incredible that out of 111 built 105 survived the war years,(admittedly some were damaged) and were broken up in the fifty's and sixty's with two lasting till the seventy's.
So now looking forward to delivery of the kit and I intend to use the lessons I learnt during my solebay build to hopefully put in even more detail into bramble and firstly I want to try my hand at fitting exposed shafts with a- frame bearings, I seen some in the forum and they do look the business. anyway more to come when she arrives. ^^^

well good luck with the build Joe.  Have fancied an Algerine for a while and keep toying either with a Type 14 frigate or an Algerine but have two non Deans builds just started so it will be a while before I get there. 

There are so any variations and names and histories of ships of this class to give neverending options.  My father was on Mariner which started off as an HMCS then became HMS and then went to Burma and was in service until 1982 which is a pretty long and varied career.   G Sitek may be able to help with the exposd shafts although he is semi retired these days and is hard to get hold of alternitively try Model Boat Bits which also do them.

radio joe:
Thanks mike, yes an interesting class of ship, I had not realised that Mariner survived till the eighty's I missed that one, and thanks for the info on the shafts.

paul swainson:
Hi Joe,

I will watch your build again and look forward to all those port holes you are going to cut (hehehe)  :grin1:  Paul

paul swainson:
Well Joe I know you have looked around and done your research but did you see these web site?



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