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Guernsey kit - HMS LINDISFARNE 1:72 FPV


Just a line to show what can be done with the Guernsey kit to produce a model which performs superbly in the water. Even so, she's nearly been sunk three times. Once by inconsiderate modellers who rammed her and pushed her beam on through water for 2 metres; another time when she lost her superstructure through beam on gale force wind after I forgot to secure it when checking batteries (she'd been out 4 hours before that in horrendous gusts without problem); and losing superstructure again when being rammed beam on by a VERY large Aircraft carrier (HMS Ocean of Norwich Club).(I wasn't skipper!)

Now want to do a 1:48 scale she handles so well. :grin1:

First shot of her on trails semi complete for detailing;

Second shots of her lighting;

On the water again in Gale force blustery winds at Birchwood 2010

1st Place Naval Ships   2010 NE Model Boat Show
1st Place Past Winners 2011 NE Model Boat Show

This model was sold on to Wicker many years ago, as I left the modelling community.  At present I’m about to make a return for a short period with two more of these fisheries protection vessels for my grandchildren to play with. Hopefully I’ll  post updates as these  Deansmarine kits are built. I’ve lost all the detailed photographs I’d kindly been sent of HMS Lindisfarne ( from Brian on north Tyneside if I recall), so how detailed these two end up is any bodies guess after recovering from illness and now compounded by tendinitis and ageing eyes.  Signed Bry (Cloggie).


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