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SS Melanie II

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Hello 'Deans Marine'-Model Fans!

Quite happy with the result of building my SS Redshanks I decided to start works on my 'SS MELANIE II' tramp/three island type steamer.

For those interested to follow the progress I will share some pictures here.

I will not necessarly follow the instructions included in the kit as I would like to try out a few things again.
Useful comments and suggestions are welcome and appreciated anytime.

I hope you enjoy.


Some additional supports under deck and raw planking on deck (still to be sanded).

And with the rudder I am defenitely trying something totally new for me.  ::)

The idea is to make it look more detailed. If it will work well (function wise) we will see.  :-[

Still some important parts are missing of course...

it look as if your enjoying your self with this build, and doing what nearly every modeler does, including my self.

using the materials that are provided, plus adding a few, to make the model look even better.

i think your doing a grand job..  ^^^ ^^^

a modeler after my own hart..  :wink1:

Superb work on the rudder skeg - is that part of the kit or something you have made yourself?


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