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Hi Folks, my Build has started, and heres the first photos of the Engine room.

i have decided to add Bulkheads to support the propshafts and Motors.

there will also be another 3 Bulkheads added, one either side of the Glacisplate to form the battery bay, and one 100mm from the Bow as the width of the ship near the Bow is very critical, so that the raised bow (capstan deck) meets flush with the front of the Forward flying deck.

anyway if anyone needs the dimensions for the Bulkheads i can Scan them in and send them per Email as a Tiff photo, so the dimensions stay correct.

Hi Colin,

Won't you get a bit of vibration noise from the motor Bulkhead?


Belgium Crazy Team:
I used the complete bulkhead in several ships.
Never had noise problems.  The key is that you align the motor perfectly with the propshafts.  Then you have limited noise.


so far in all the years that i have been building model boats, i have never had any noise from the way i build my Engine room (motor mounts)

and as Kurt says, if you have lined up your motors and shafts as close as possible to 100% then there is no noise at all..

Colin nice job on the bulkheads,  what motors are you using? also it looks like you have gear boxes on the back of the motors??


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