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Armed Tramp Steamer

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Many thx here too ! It it is Great that you help me with my Project ! Ron ,I read your Post in Model-Boat-Mayhem Thank you !
Great Forum here and there ! So i Hope i can Start my Projects soon.
And them i can Look for my next Deans Kit  :)
Take Care and stay healthy
Regards from Germany
Please appologize my Grammar  :D

If you search the web there are some good photographs and a couple of books on the subject. Two deans kits would be ideal for conversion to a Q Ship Melanie as you have stated but there is also Cordene

I don‘t find out so Right now what there are the Great difference..
With my bad english i understood that would converted for civilian use, i found Infos that in „newer“ Versions of this Ship the Bridge would be changed.

If think Melanie und Cordene look such as same m :-[

The Royal Navy converted nine Q ships here's the list
610-ton HMS Chatsgrove (X85) ex-Royal Navy P-class sloop PC-74 built 1918
5,072-ton HMS Maunder (X28) ex-King Gruffyd built 1919
4,443-ton HMS Prunella (X02) ex-Cape Howe built 1930
5,119-ton HMS Lambridge (X15) ex-Botlea built 1917
4,702-ton HMS Edgehill (X39) ex-Willamette Valley built 1928
5,945-ton HMS Brutus (X96) ex-City of Durban built 1921
4,398-ton HMS Cyprus (X44) ex-Cape Sable built 1936
1,030-ton HMS Looe (X63) ex-Beauty built 1924
1,090-ton HMS Antoine (X72) ex-Orchy built 1930


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