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2.4 ghz receivers rules.

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paul swainson:
What are the conditions on using different brands of 2.4 ghz receivers with other makes of transmitters.  I understand that with the 2.4 ghz transmitters you can lock in up to 4 or more in some makes different receivers for our boats.  i.e. one transmitter can run four or more boats.  I have a Saturn and one 6 ch receiver, very difficult to buy  another receiver as they cost nearly as much as a new control unit which comes with a receiver.  So as there are other makes of receivers out there at very low prices, what will mix with what and are there specs to look out for?

radio joe:
Paul cornwallmodelboats have Saturn 6 receivers in stock £19.99 , I was lucky last year I saw 6 new Saturn receivers for sale
 and got the lot for £40  ::DD

Paul, here is the rule of thumbs  ^^^ 
look at the protocol that is used... then find a receiver that has the same protocol as your transmitter..

for example:
Spektrum uses = DSM, DSM2 and DSMX
Futaba uses = S-FHSS, T-FHSS, FASST,  FASSTest
Grauper uses =  HoTT

paul swainson:
Joe you always seem to amaze me!  ::DD Why or why do I not see deals like that.  I will as the saying go have to buy a Saturn receiver and move it from one Aircraft carrier to the other when I take to the water. 

Colin  Thanks for that info, just about every one agrees with the premise like for like and stay away from the possible miss match and the myths of the 2.4 ghz. :wink1:

Thanks guys. will shop around for that same deal Joe, will try my luck. :)

radio joe:
Hi Paul not sure I understand, you said you had a Saturn 6 and Saturn receiver so if you bought another Saturn receiver and
bond it to your TX you'll have one for each carrier.  ::DD  ::DD
So far I have 4 boats running off my Saturn 6 TX


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