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Hi   :(  Just bought Deans HMS Javelin, and was getting bits ready for the build, (need to finish one first) My questions are, recommendations for motors, slow start etc. I do remember reading somewhere (sorry getting old and cant find it), that somebody has developed a electric gizmo, that controls the power to the motors, ie when turn left the left motor slows down and the right speeds up, a bit like an electronic differential. Does anybody know about this, or is this the ramblings of an old man!! If so how does it connect to the ESC
Thanks for all the help ^^^

I think component shop do something in the (ACTION) section, I think its P94

radio joe:
Hi Ron
yes the Action P94 duel ESC and mixer is what you are looking for not cheap at 75 pounds or you could use the Action P82 mixer around 20 quid and use a separate ESC. Don't worry about how to connect it it's all done with connectors that are clearly marked, the only soldering is the wires to motors.  ^^^

Hi Ron, yes... most defiantly the P94, would recommend it for any twin screw boat/ship... model.. as Joe as mentioned.. its not cheap, but.. getting two other ESC's and a mixer, or any other combination, your going to end up at a similar price, depending on the motors that you install.
the P94, is a twin 20amp ESC.. http://www.action-electronics.co.uk/pdfs/P94.pdf

as for Recommendations for the motor follow this link   it recommend two Kondors for the Javelin,  the specifications can looked at here

the thing is, I prefer Buehler, Dunker or VDO motors, there 6-24 volt, slow revs per min.. 2000-5000... low drain about 5amp under load.. and have a High torque about  10-70 watts of power here is an example of the type of motors that I use

Hi Guys,
I knew I wasn't loosing the plot! That is clearly the way to go, I will order a set after this Christmas nonsense has finish messing up the postal services.
Thanks for the help on this subject.
Ron ^^^ ^^^ ^^^ ^^^


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