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Set up for Rudder servo/linkage.

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paul swainson:
Most servos have a movement of 180 degrees, so when setting up the position of the servo what rules should be used.   I have a problem with very poor movement of the rudder in my Perkasa.   Both rudders are drilled into the hull about 20mm from the stern.  This leaves very little room for movement between the rudder spindle and the stern of the boat.   I have linked the two arms with a connection rod with both rudders central to the hull.   One arm on the rudders is longer then the other. I have positioned the servo the the far left of the hull (as you look to the stern) with a short link to the furthest away rudder tillarm.   So when the rudder is moved the arm on the servo moves through a 90 degree's swing pushing the rudder tiller only about 10-15 degrees.   I do not seam to be able to push the arm to get at lest a 30-40 degree angle from the center line.  Can any one help with an a layout plan or rule to follow?


You can adjust the swing more by varying the hole that the connecting rod goes into.  The servo arm travels more, and less, when it is in either the outer hole or the inner hole.  This applies to both the servo arm and the tiller arm. Before you do anything I suggest you try moving the linkage rod to the outermost servo hole and the innermost tiller arm hole.   If you have tried this already and I'm stating the bleeding obvious then apologies.

Mike is correct.... as far as more movement of the rudder by changing the the position of the linkage (inner hole on servo less movement of rudder)

but if i have understood you correctly Paul....

your talking about a different problem...!!

you have two rudders ? and there both connected to the Servo ??  if yes, that is not a good idea..!!

the two rudders should be linked to gether, then from one of the Rudders the linkage should then go to the servo
hope the attached picture helps

paul swainson:
I have attached a photo of the set up just now and have moved the tiller arm to the other rudder with no effect.

paul swainson:
second photos better size to view i hope



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