Author Topic: Another good day at the lake Deans Marine M T B 385  (Read 164 times)

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Another good day at the lake Deans Marine M T B 385
« on: 11 July 2021, 17:33:40 »
70ft Vosper M T B  385   1/24th scale
A good day at last on the lake, test running the old Vosper 70ft MTB after a clean up and touch up after 35 years of hard use at shows and exhibitions
Still handles beautifully on the water, running on a single Kestral motor on 6 volts NIMH batteries[/size]
At long last I have managed to get one of my favorite fast launches back in action
Deans Marine Vosper MTB 385 model to 1/24th scale,  965mm length 240mm beam.
Been in store since then, but now forced myself to do some repairs and get her back on the water as she a delight to handle
now on  u tube for her test run after the repairs, still all original motors, radio and
bobs boards speed controllers, new NimH cells on 6 volts
Enjoy, more repaired and rebuilt models to come
Deans Marine

See her inaction on you tube