Author Topic: Restored HMS Skirmisher from Deans Marine  (Read 633 times)

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Restored HMS Skirmisher from Deans Marine
« on: 10 September 2021, 16:51:06 »
H.M.S SKIRMISHER. model to 1/96 scale
Another model in the project of restoring some of the older display models in our showroom, this was not damaged just a few hard knocks and bumps over the years at shows and exhibitions, cobwebs and years of dust.
]I have a great affection for this model, It was 3rb release in our range and the first ship kit of its type ever made, as built by that master of model building Dave Woolley as a kit review for Model boats magazine in 2020s over a year, and is as far as I am concerned a miniature masterpiece of the modelling art, a joy to study and admire first class workmanship, And it is a working R/C model that sails and handles like a dream.
I also restore ( try to ) classic cars I decided to bring her back to life and keeps as much original as possible, war wounds included..
still fitted with independent control of each motor by Bobs Boards ( remember them ) on 6 volts and rudder control.
Very elegant on the water and she handles a dream
next up 2 destroyers of the same year to sail with her.
see her in action on you tube here


Plus Video of Dave Woollys model