Author Topic: TEST RUN ON THE "HOT" STAB boat  (Read 925 times)

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« on: 30 July 2021, 16:13:53 »
Hi All
2nd test run for the new  fast launch range 1/24th scale   L. 310mm B. 125mm
Landing Deal Support Craft      [STAB”   boat        Details of the model.
As promised with the previous  video of the test run for the new model We sad we were going to experiment with a med speed motor and a much smaller propeller to reduce the torque and to see what we can get out of this hull with its trim tabs on the stern, and lift and spray rails.
]  Was this a good but crazy idea
see it on you tube here

We think this is a interesting, and rather scary experiment, the only thing we have changed is the same motor with different windings to give more rev, and a prop change from 28mm down to 18mm.
First time out and just for fun, scary to drive even in out pond, and will have to look at the water proofing, and a different top to make just a fun boat, fast torque turns are possible if nerve racking.
Due to the light weight of the model, the on the water performance with 7.4 volts and the recommended low power / med torque motor handling is outstanding, and with its short waterline length and  forward propeller set up
Next test run will be on a larger lake