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new release from Deans marine
« on: 27 May 2021, 13:22:24 »
Hi Modellers
I thought that you might like an update from Farcet and to let you know what is new to the DEANS MARINE range.
On of the comments we have from modellers is that kits are getting more complex with more details such as laser cutting and brass etching, and more expensive, especially for the beginner.
We have taken this on board and have released a kit that contains a little of all of the above, but reduced in price and size. we hope this fills in a requirement for such a model.

M.T AGILE 11 Scale 1/72 Length 320mm Beam 115mm

First run release price £99.50

Details of the kit
Compact kits
This new ADDITION to the range of small prototypes ships to a scale of 1/72 as per the larger ships
Details and construction are similar to the rest of the models comprising of VACFORMED PLASTIC HULL and BULWARKS, Laser cut parts for plastic s/structure. metal & resin fittings, a set of BRASS ETCHED FITTINGS, plus prop & shaft.
Full size plan & comprehensive instruction book including details on powering these diminutive models with a standard servos giving main drive motor & electronic speed control are also included to reduce the set up costs, but can also be powerd by standard motors and esc
All kits in the range have outstanding on the water performance as part of the design.
The model can be seem in action on the water on U tube Deans Marine agile 11
DEANS MARINE test run new tug model Agile 2 (3 min 48 sec)

This craft is based the type of highly manoeuvrable harbour tugs used in the port of Europort in Holland.
These ships are constructed by the DELTA shipyard to a standard design and personalised by the buyers to suit there own needs.
This example of the tug is fitted as a fire-fighting and tug. She is fitted with powerful water and foam monitor, the one on the top of the bridge being telescopic.
These tugs have two powerful diesel engines driving voiith sneider cyclodial ( not fitted on this model ) propellers and are capable of handling the largest of ships in confined waters

Deans Marine