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Re: Acrylic paint
« Reply #15 on: 20 April 2009, 14:44:50 »
Cheers Mark

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Re: Acrylic paint
« Reply #16 on: 29 October 2010, 17:34:18 »
I know that this is an oldish topic but there is quite a good article in the Winter Special edition of Model Boats all about types of paint. I generally use acrylics for everything now. Either Halfords rattle cans for large areas or an Iwata airbrush for detail. The paint thickness is far thinner using acrlyics even though the first coat doesnt seem to good. The second coat suddenly looks great. Another tip always have a hairdryer handy when spraying acrylis. It speeds up the re coating time no end. The final tip is dry dosent mean cured! Even after 12 hours paints will be removed by masking tape even though they seem bone dry. The voice of experience!!!!!!!

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Re: Acrylic paint
« Reply #17 on: 29 October 2010, 17:55:41 »
i have always looked at experimenting with Acrylic's but so long as my Humbrol Enamel is arround i'll stick with what i have... never mess with a working system!!  ::DD

but thanks for the infomation..