Author Topic: Test run for the latest fast lanch from Deans Marine  (Read 837 times)

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Test run for the latest fast lanch from Deans Marine
« on: 28 July 2021, 14:55:39 »
Hi All
Test run for the new release to the fast launch range of kits.
see it in action on U tube

1/24th scale ]L. 310mm B. 125mm
Landing Deal Support Craft “STAB” boat Details of the model.
The kit of this well known fast craft is based on a one piece vacformed hull. To speed assembly the deck, motor mount, and nicads tray are also vacformed in styrene. The cabin well is in 1mm Laser cut styrene.
As with all the Deans range of kits, a complete set of fittings is included plus all the weapons carried by these heavily armed fast craft. A full size plan, and comprehensive instruction book aid assembly,
weapons are Not included FIGURE ARE NOT INCLUDED IN THE KIT
Due to the light weight of the model, the on the water performance with 7.4 volts and the recommended low power / med torque motor handling is outstanding, and with its short waterline length and forward propeller set up, fast torque turns are possible if nerve racking.

We plan to experiment with a med speed motor and a much smaller propeller to reduce the torque and to see what we can get out of this hull with its trim tabs on the stern, and lift and spray rails, we think this will be a interesting, and rather scary experiment, watch for update videos on U Tube