Author Topic: H M S GRENVILLE back in action afer 20 + years  (Read 865 times)

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H M S GRENVILLE back in action afer 20 + years
« on: 19 July 2021, 17:59:15 »
Deans Marine H.M.S. GRENVILLE model to 1.96 scale, 1.2mts length 114mm beam
Hi All
At long last I have decided to get one of the oldest models in our collection H M S Grenville model was build for the first kit we ever produced as a test model, and has a long and hard working life for many year around the competition circuit and model shows.
Like many after a while she gets marked and damaged and more modern kits come along so she was put on display in the showroom and there she has lingered for almost 30 years.
I have a great affection for this model, and as I also restore ( try to ) classic cars I decided to bring her back to life and keeps as much original as possible, war wounds included..
As long as the shafts had removable bearings, which she does, ( and we still do ) it was a possibility.
Shafts pulled, and bearings removed, tubes reaming out to take new 4mm bearings and all refitted. All old gear removed, not a lot of space left in those days, all was a lot bigger and heavier.
2.4 ghz R/c fitted with independent control of each motor on 6 volts and rudder. she is one of the most elegant ships I feel and a delight to handle.

now on u tube for her test run after the repairs, still all original motors,new MimH cells on 6 volts each motor.

Also on U tube in rough weather film taken approx 25 years ago, taken with a camera the size of a small case and copied and copied over the years, so a loss of sharpness, but after the close ups, and the boring bits, see her in action.
the experts ?? will always tell you that long thin warships are not stable ?
best bit is after the still pictures
HMS Grenville (1 min 25 sec)

Hope to catch up with plenty of sailing her from now one,
Sorry for the jumpy pictures aged knees and the new lake she is sailing on
is still under construction so the sides are all big granite stones and
very uneven under foot.
Enjoy, more repaired and rebuilt models to come
Deans Marine