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Recurring misunderstanding


It has come to my Attention, that there seems to be a misunderstanding as to where and how we can log into the Deansmarine Website..
There are two different areas of the Deansmarine Website (Forum and the online shop), these areas need two different / Separate Log in Details.
you could use the same password for both areas, but the Forum requires a username and the shop requires an e-mail address

The Forum; for general question and answers from Modellers to Modellers, and for displaying your Talents..
To log into the forum you need to resister,
Once you have registered, you can log into the Forum using your “Username” and password

The Online Shop; obviously for ordering your goods, here you also need to register for an account,
Again, once you have registered you can log into the Shop using your “E-mail” and password

This information might also come handy.. How to Order


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