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From the Deans Marine clear out sale
« on: 29 June 2019, 12:52:38 »
For Sale

Very reluctantly, my own model of the H M S Rodney to 1.96 scale from our semi kit.
My plan was to constructed this impressive working model over the years for my own use, aim was to make the best possible. Started 12 years ago.
  Now decided that lack of time, and space means that it will possibly never get finished.

1/96 scale H M S Rodney Length  2.3m Beam 390mm Depth, 190mm
Model is primed and painted in 1942 camouflage scheme.
Glass fibre plated and detailed hull
 Ply sub decks planked in 4mm individual mahogany planks.
2 x Buhler super high torque motors
2 x propshaft with exposed shaft, A frames and brass props
Glass fibre turrets with a working rotating system already installed.
Superstructure complete and constructed from various grades of HIPS plastic, primed and painted ( needs finishing and detailing )
All close range A/ s & A/A weapons and mounts fitted or assembled and painted ready for installation.
 A selection of ships boats painted or primed ready for installation.
A box of fittings assembled and ready for installation.
Plans and details included.
Value of the semi kit and parts in excess of £1,600.00 not including labour
 Work to be done to complete
R C gear to be fitted.
Many of the stanchions around the hull edge have been bent of damaged; some will need straightening or replacing.
Some paint work will need touching up with age.
Small repair to top L/H side of bridge.
Close range weapons need completing and fixing in place.
Ships boat completing and fixing in place.
Some fine detail such a vents to be fitted.
  For sale & £855.00 O.N.O can be seen at Deans Marine, many more pictures of the model.  Collection only. Will be advertised elsewhere.

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Re: From the Deans Marine clear out sale
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