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hi all,
always used the polar grey as suggested on my warships and been very happy but can anyone suggest a lighter and darker alternative for a bit of variety please?

Hi Ian, sorry cannot help you on that one... I do not know the correct colour table for warships...
You will be better of contacting the workshops direct. ..
maybe minerva or Troy Tempest could help you

Troy Tempest:
Minerva will undoubtedly be the oracle here as she is a very experienced modeller in these scales.
I foolishly sprayed my hull of HMS Zulu with Halfords Grey primer which (in partial answer to your question) is darker than Polar Grey - unfortunately its a lot darker!
If you want variation then I would suggest using pre-shading and highlighting spray techniques a used by aircraft scale modellers.  Provided you decant the rattle can to an airbrush so you can use light coats that would allow any pre-shading to show through.  An alternative is to use colour washes as lowlights and of course apply weathering. Personally I like my warships 'tiddly' without rust streaks or weathering but I appreciate that some find that unrealistic in appearance. 
We are back to personal taste here.

paul swainson:
There is another method you could use and that is to have a chat with your local body repair shop/Garage.  They mix all the vehicle colours and they have all the paint matching tabs. (these are matching colour tabs) with every colour in the motor trade.  You could ask them to have a look at the Polar grey and they can make it darker or lighter by mixing to match the shade you want.   They have to do this to match faded paint work on older cars.  A good painter is able to do this.  Also the paint is now Acrylic and is water based to match your primer.  They can mix small or large quantities.  As I have a large hull to paint this is the way I am going. 

from cabinboy.. I am working on a Deans Marine   And Ron Dean adviced me to HALFORDS FORD  polar grey .


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