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Troy Tempest:
Dear all
I thought i'd let you know that I’ve found a model case suppler that works for me!
After much Googling amidst which  a case for HMS Zulu was always in a £230-£280 range respective of manufacturer and materials I found one much cheaper
The company is called PlasticOnline and are based in Hull;
Plastic Online Limited. Unit 23 Gothenburg Way, Sutton Fields, Kingston Upon Hull, East Yorkshire, HU7 0YG
T: +44 (0)1482 333 800
I dealt with Mark of Gemma on
The cases are all acrylic, bases are available in a variety of colours, the mirrored base for the Cross Section of HMS Victory was at no additional cost
HMS Zulu was £97.97 and measures 1200mm x 185mm x 353mm
HMS Victory was £64.07 and is 375mm x 130mm x 768mm
So both cases for under £200!
Delivery would have been an additional £54 and the cases would have arrived on a pallet for safe keeping but I collected them myself as I had family business in the area
I attach some photos


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