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Water proofing balsa hulls


Need a bit of advice on how to waterproof the hull of a balsa model I have been given. I have read various articles which talk of Dope!!! and or sand sealer. I have been putting the model together with a waterproof PVA which also states that diluted with water will provide a good waterproof coat prior to any painting. Any help/advice would be appreciated. On a brighter note Bismarck and the Sovremenny are going well. 

you have just about covered all the Options that i would or could recommend... Sand Sealer and Dope, Diluted PVA..
there might be a few more Options but the only one that springs to my mind, is... Diluted Fiberglas resin, or some sort of Diluted epoxy..  ^^^

Have a look at Eze Dope, you can dilute it easily and apply think coats by brush or air brush (clean it well afterwards though)

I have used the epoxy (west system) diluted with lacquer thinner before, works well because epoxy resin is great for underwater applications. Stay away from polyester resin though not good for anything under the water, it will blister.

Thanks guys. Should be in a position to waterproof in a couple of weeks. Model is coming on well.


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