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1/96 westland wasp

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Troy Tempest:
My Shapeways Wasp just landed, I thought it would be interesting to compare it with the new Sirmar kit and the old Sirmar "kit" (supposedly also 1/96 but looks way oversize compared to the other two) which I show with a 1/72 Airwaves detail set.  This pack was originally intended for modellers intending to convert the Airfix Scout to a Wasp.
To my mind there is a clear winner here (if you will excuse the pun)

Troy Tempest:
With regard to what colour Blue to paint a Wasp can I add to the discussion?  There is a never ending debate amongst modellers about correct colour.  Memories and colour film stock never help it seems.  here I attach three photos all taken in 1977 of HMS Zulu's Wasp 442.  Two are close ups of a similar part of the airframe, yet due to variations in the colour film stock, printing process and natural light they look quite different. I also attach one of 442 overall with what seems to me at least, to be fairly representative of the colour scheme - but which paint to use?

Good point Troy..... but unless my memory and eyes are failing me, picture No.1 is the colour.
In my world anyway!  ::)

As I have mentioned , I use Humbrol 96 but finish off with a bit of a shine.


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