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1/96 westland wasp

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I have just received delivery of Shapeways 3D printed westland wasp kit in 1/96 scale.
A superb gem of a kit. It is hallow, so ideal for you R/C builders.
It is designed by Mark Hawkings who is a good friend of Deans. Mark also produces
several other fittings for WW2 and post war R.N. warships.  I would certainly recommend
 these fittings to anyone. The wasp will need the overhead floatation gear fitted by scratch
building as it doesn't come with any. Delivery was within a few days and considering the kit
came from Holland it is great service. If you google shapeways and then search for the wasp,
you will also see all of the other fittings which are available.
I commend it to the house !!

Troy Tempest:
What a superb find, thank you
I have both versions of the Wasp from another manufacturer of 1/96th scale fittings, both of which have drawbacks (especially as they both claim to be 1/96 but are different sizes), I will order one of these right away.
However if anyone here builds other models besides ships be warned you could spend hours lost in this site, I have already found items for my Z scale model railway, 1/144 and 1/48 Apollo Moon landing programme kits and science fiction items as well
It looks as though the stash is about to grow once more  :smiley1:

Good recommendation, got mine.... luv it.

Just got to work out the paint colours now.


I've used Humbrol 96 for Minerva's wasp.
Also added the central rib over cab, a winch and floatation devices.
plus nav lights and 3 more antenna.

Thanks....Was caught between 96 and 104, looked at loads of online pics and some wasps seem to be blue'r than others. I was sure Mohawks was the darker blue in 1974. I have painted some card with both and will decide. Have you got a picture of you finished Wasp?


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