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1/96 fittings


Hi all,
 Scalewarship are producing a 1/96 scale limbo mortar which is superb and very detailed.
They are also producing some WW2 escort fittings and handy P.E. which so far no other company
produces. I am in the process of building a river class frigate from Deans super detailed hull.
So I shall be looking at scalewarship  for some of my detailing. P.E.

paul swainson:
Do you know if there is a catalog showing what they make or an on line shop.  If I can not obtain the parts I need to build my HMS Illustrious (87) 1940 to 1948  from the Deans Catalog I may have to look at other suppliers like Scalewarships or John Haynes.  Paul

Scalewarship can be found at
all the PE and fittings can be seen on the site. It is run by an ex RN
CPO, so he knows what he is talking about.
I turned to them as Deans, although providing me the excellent River class hull.
They do not yet make a semi kit for a River class frigate. So it was a case of
pick and mix. Some of the items (previously mentioned) that are in development
 are not on the site yet but will be very soon.


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