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R N deck treads and damage control markings


Hi All,
 I have recently been helping BECC model accessories in the development
of 1/96 & 1/72 scale deck treads in pre cut deck green self adhesive vinyl.
These are ideal for adding behind ladders and on walk ways. They are ?4.20 plus VAT fr
model flags at
I would like to stress that although I was involved in the development of these
products I am in no way linked to BECC.
Also available soon are RN damage control risk markings in 1/96 and 1/72 scale.
these are black letters X, Y, Z, A, B, M, R, on a yellow square back ground. for doors hatches and vent flaps. these will be relased very soon from model flags at ?3.85 plus AT per sheet.
Also in development are 1970's era warning signs red text on white backing
Danger mounting may train without warning etc etc.
I hope this is of help to any warship modellers of the 1970's period. ^^^

This is the link to model flags catalogue regarding deck treads and damage control risk markings
 I hope that this information is useful for RN warship model makers especially those making Deans 1950's to 1980's warships.


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