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HMS Amazon Build

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I’ll ping a picture tonight of the stanchions from the Amazon, I’m playing about with running gear and drilling holes.

Here's the picture of the stanchions for HMS Amazon.

Its hard to tell it will either be for 0.5mm to 1mm wire you will require. I have used individual stanchions many times. This is normally the last part of the build. I measure using dividers along the deck and the drill locating holes for the stanchions. Paint the bottom of the stanchions that helps when you finally fit them and insert the wire. Once the stanchions and rails are in place then they can be carefully painted

Great thanks, Dividers is a top tip and thanks I think I’ve got a good idea how I’ll do it now.  With the wire do you just drop some glue on each section once you’ve threaded it through?

 Once in place if you are painting them in situ this will hold them in place. You only need to glue sparingly


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