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Hi all,
A relative newcomer to the world of RC ship modelling. Have done more basic builds, but have kicked off my Deans Marine journey with HMS Amazon.
I’ll share some photos soon, I’ve pretty much prepared the hull and installing the running gear now. I am however I am a planner and like to have an idea of the stage of a build quite early on.
Can anyone guide me to a post/topic on these parts or help with a few queries.
•   Stanchion/Handrails: I think the kit now comes with some very good brass etchings. The Instructions I think may refer to older pieces in the kit. They talk about soldering individual Stanchion. But are they made in one piece now? Or do you cut them out, glue them down and thread coper wire through them for safety rails?
•   Rigging: How do people usually do the rigging, due you glue wire in place on the Masts/deck or tie them off somewhere? Not really mentioned from what I can see.
•   Scuppers, sorry if this sounds silly, I did not realise what these were on a ship. I can see it’s a piece of mini strip along the lower deck, do we also place them on the Fo’castle?
Thanks for any help or tips,

Stanchion/Handrails: these come in lengths and should be the last to be fitted by drilling location holes
•   Rigging: using a suitable thread see picture
•   Scuppers, easily done by fitting fine strips inboard along the deck see picture

•   Scuppers, easily done by fitting fine strips inboard along the deck see picture these should be on your plan

Hi Pegagus,

Thanks for the reply.

Rigging - got it and found the material in the kit pretty much after i posted this. So i guess they are tied on?

Stanchions - do you use the brass wire to thread into between?

Scuppers - i'm really sorry, on your picture do you mean inboard along the side of the deck? Or the Horizontal pieces running from port to starboard? i've attached the Dean's build photo (Copyright Deansmarine). Is it those thin pieces along the side of the deck?

Thanks so much!


scuppers inboard along the side of the deck as in your picture the horizontal ones are unique to the Solebay

stanchions/ handrails  The ones that were used in the Solebay were spring brass in 8 inch lengths what are the stanchions on the Amazon


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