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Hi Everyone. I have just ordered the Enchantress Kit, right or wrong I don't yet know. This will be my first build of this kind and I originally was going to build her as a static display, however having looked around I am leaning more to RC fittings. I live in Cheshire UK, has anyone got info about a modelling group around here? Also I would be very grateful for any information and knowledge about the build from anyone to make my life a little easier and help me in my first build. Kind Regards OldMart

Good morning, and welcome to the forum..

You might want to take a look at my build of the Enchantress

As I am in Germany I don't really know any clubs in the UK..
But doing a Google search. ..  comes up with..
Runcorn & District
Potteries boat club
Buxton boat club
Crewe boat club

There is probably more... ^^^

Hope you enjoy your build..

Thanks for your reply Colin, or do I address you as Sir? your build looks very good, hope I reach the same standard. I too just like the look of ships or boats, as this is my first attempt is it ok to build off plan so to say? I just want a nice finished model. Kind Regards Martin "OldMart.

It's your model Martin,  so build it as you see fit.. ^^^

Thanks again Colin. just got a text saying my order has been dispatched. can't wait to get going and discover the problems and the fun LOL. Martin.


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