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Armed Tramp Steamer

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I found a model of an armed Tramp Steamer in the Internet.
Would this be a possible configuration for a Ship like this or would this be unrealistic ? I would be use Deans Marine Melanie. Here is the Link
Regards from Germany

This is what I would call a Liberty ship...  I thought you were looking for a mistery ship (Q)

Deansmarine do a kit...

But I am sure that the Melanie would make a fine basis for a liberty ship..

Hi Colin
Yes i Look for a q-ship because an armed Tramp Steamer , during my search there i found  this heavy armed Version, and it looked More interesting with this many guns then a q-ship, but not so realistic....

Some pictures of the only photos of real Q ships
 Barolong the most famous of these
one German one English
are about Melanie size
hope these help

One English ! dont you mean British HMS President moored in London was formerly HMS Saxifrage, a Flower-class sloop used as a Q ship in WW 1


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