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HMS Grenadier Military Class Trawler & Steam Tramp as Q-Ship


Hello from Germany
First please appologize my bad english
I am totaly new here
I am looking for Informations for my Military Class Trawler Royal Marine. I want to convert it to the HMS Grenadier because i like the heavier armament  ^^^ maybe someone have plans for selling.
The next is i want built a Q-Ship , for this i want to use the Steam Tramp „Melanie“ maybe someone have plans this converting to.
Regards from Germany

Mr D Macgregor or Nexus did Plans for the Grenadier

as for Q ships…   there silhouette were meant to look like normal Cargo ships, so all of the weapons would have been hidden, below the deck line, or in superstructures that have been added..

Hi Collin
Thank you for answer
I would Look for this plans for the Grenadier.
For the Q Ship , i know that this Ships are hidden u-boat traps, maybe i understood some wrong. Are this Tramp Steamer only was „normaly“ armed with sighttable armament ? If it is, this would interesting to for me.
Regards Tobi

Hi Tobi,
This is probably interesting to read..

I think I have understood your question..  looking at some of the weapons on a Q-Ship it would suggest that every target was manually aquired..

Oh Great Thank you
I like this kind of ships, like the German „Hilfskreuzer“
I just thought that i can use deans marine Kit Melanie for converting or maybe a other Kit from them is probably better for a q-ship/auxiliary cruiser ? Do you have a adress maybe where i can get plans of Ship like this ? The Grenadier and armes/converted merchant ships ?
Questions over questions....
Regards Tobi


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