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Hi everyone,
My father served on HMS Rowley [a "Captain" Class Frigate] during WWII from 1943 to 1945 when it was returned to the USA. The ship saw action on D day as a picket for Battleships firing on shore positions, Anti Submarine action in the Bay of Biscay and arctic convoys to Russia.
My son bought me a set of 60th scale model plans of Rowley for xmas. I have nowhere to build a model 61" long but I found Deans Marine can supply a  fibreglass hull of Rowley at 96th scale, 37" long, which I think would be manageable if I can get the plans rescaled to suit.
 I worked in engineering until I retired 6 years ago. I have built toy boats and wooden bird tables etc for the grand kids but have never attempted a scale working model before. I spoke to Ron in technical at Deans and he suggested I joined this forum as a starting point.
I would be grateful for any information re this build. Has anyone any experience with 'Captain' Class warships? or can point me in the right direction to get information.
 Many Thanks, Mike Le'Mon.                     

Perhaps this photo may help with the project

Beautiful model, thank you.

 one prototype I assembled a while ago still in the showroom, hope pics of use

Ron, Have you thought about putting your prototype into production? Is it based on the "Buckley" class USN escort ? I'd certainly would like one.


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