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Hi everyone, I'm looking for some tips on ballasting HMS Javelin. I've used lengths of lead solder cut into roughly 100g amounts. I've managed to get her to the correct waterline but she's very tender and has a tendency to list in both directions. Would it be better to used sheet lead so that the weight is concentrated as low as possible to enhance stability ?

Sheet lead the type used on roofs ideal. Depending on the model I like to spread it out some at the bow some at the stern and some midship. The best Ballast I have used was Brass Ingots I found in a cupboard at the club these were excellent. Remember all ballast should be on the keel. Good luck sometimes its just trial and error. Even the real ships especially Destroyers had problems with ballast.

I've had a look at sheet lead and it's a bit expensive due to the amount I'd need to buy but I've had a thought , what about wheel balancing weights, they're self adhesive and can be cut to give a good balance, sounds okay?

I got my lead sheet from a friend who had replaced flashing on his house extension he gave a bit 9 x 12 inch this will do at least three ships. One more hint when fitting ballast use rapid two pack like Araldite it holds it better than any other adhesive use this with your balance weights.

Thanks for your help so far Pegasus. In your opinion would it be better to have the ballast as low and as central as possible ? I've managed to cut some solder strips into 100g "Bars" and I intend to place them right on the keel centreline. I also weighed my model and found it to be around 264g light which might have added to the instability , so I've added the extra and will test tomorrow .


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