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In the past I have only built warships. Some semi kits and some of my own hulls. I’m now starting my first merchant ship.the S S Kirkpool an ocean going tramp ship sunk in 1942 in the South Atlantic. I have the Cordean semi kit from Deans as a basis but Kirkpool was bigger than the Cordean type. In scale by 16”. So with a spare hull moulding I am attempting a re sizing of the hull using a cut and shut method. Should be interesting? The beam is also to be increased by an inch. Has anyone else attempted this procedure?

Hi Minerva

Great to see you back!
I did a similar thing with my HMS Invincible build- I used a Dreadnought hull from Deans Marine- cut it in half and extended by 4.7inches as she was a very similar shape hull wise. The beam I didn’t adjust simply because it was only 1/8” narrower. Ron kindly made me the extension piece using the Dreadnought mould and it slipped in to place after a bit of filing and filling. I used 8mm square lengths of wood to act as the hull bottom beams and fibreglassed them to the hull. I used 1/16” plywood to act as a sleeve inside the hull and once again fibreglassed it in to position. I’ll see if I can find the pictures of this part of the build.

Good to be back !
Ron is shipping the hull section to me very soon and I’m intending to strengthen the hull using a similar method. Be nice to see any photos if there are any around. Looking forward to this project to liven up a lockdown. Stay safe all you ship builders .

Picture 1 of Invincible cut in half!

Pictures 2-6 of the remaining part of the slicing and dicing of the Dreadnought hull to turn it in to Invincible.


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