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As a beginner in RC model boat building I have no started construction of modelship Fairwind.
I wonder what glue you anyone recommend to gluing the various components like ship deck, wheelhouse, superstructure and so on.
Sorry my bad english but i use google translate.
Am grateful for all the help I get.

I don't really want to state the obvious...  but doing a little search in the forum you will find lots of information on which glues..  also in the instructions they are mentioned...


This post will probably be of help..

But of course it's the glues I use... everyone has different opinions and use different glues..

Thank you so mutch for the answer.
I have another question about gluing. What do you recommend I use to fill spaces between the deck and the boat side see attachment? There is an opening of about 2-3mm around the deck, I have some Roket Powder is that somthing I can use for that?
Thank you in advance for your help.


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