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city of ely


Don Lund:
i am building a kit that my father acquired many years ago. it came with a plan and instructions. however there are many parts in the kit where i am not too sure where they go and how they assemble. i was hoping someone out there has some good deck pictures which I can use a reference for. The kit is the city of ely .

You might like to look at this thread.. there are some nice photos there..

Or In the gallery..;cat=6

Normaly there is a build cd which has quite a few photos to help the build, as part of the kit content..

Colin, thank you for the reply. They will be used for reference. As this was my dads kit,it was bought many years ago and at that time I don’t think cd’s were made.


Hey Don,
The City of Ely is surly not that old..  ;D ;)

But if you were to send a nice request (email) to the workshops, or even phone them, I am sure they will put a CD in the post to you soonest.. ^^^


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