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Proptube Lubrication
« on: 04 November 2007, 10:03:09 »
During the construction of your model and setting up of the tubes, lightly oil the bearings in the tubes to lubricate whilst setting up and testing.
DO NOT run the shafts at high speed at any time as this will damage the bearings and spray oil onto the model with devastating effects when it come to painting the model.
When the model is completed and painted, We suggest the following
For tubes where the inboard end of the tubes is above the waterline, lubricating the tube and bearings with a mixture of light oil and Teflon based oil will be sufficient. Inject an amount sufficient to fill the oiler tubes an pump into the tubes.
Oil the bearings at each end with Teflon oil.
Mix Vaseline and light oil together and add some Teflon oil and inject into the oiler tube  Use about an oiler tube full of the mixture and inject into the tube.
Refill the oiler tube again and repeat.
You are not trying to fill the tube with grease. but to put about a 1" plug of mixture around the oiler tube / shaft  area.
The oil/Teflon you put in first stops the grease sticking to the prop shaft and the inside of the tube and making lots of drag when it is cold.
Connect up the motor and run at slow speed to bed in the bearings.