Author Topic: latest release from Deans Marine Miss England on trials  (Read 722 times)

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latest release from Deans Marine Miss England on trials
« on: 16 September 2023, 11:01:31 »
The latest release Aust 2023 of the kit Miss England on her first test run. The model is designed to be light, fast and extremely manoeuvrable and so she has turned out. Before we begin we wish to be clear this craft does not exist in real life as far as we know. Scale 1/12th   Length 720mm beam 160mm   powered by a black 400 motor on 6volts Nimh 2300 battery  10amp ESC. The idea began very many years ago when as a young lad walking home from school, most days  my friends and myself would pass by Mckennas The model shop and stop a drool over all the goodies in the windows. For years this display of model boats, all the famous ones from our childhood, the Victory models of the fire boat , the Mercury, ( VIP Express) and this one labelled as Miss England in choice of 2 colours. To quote the advert of the time, you can race your friend across the water at speed ? With its powerful mighty midget motor and 4.5 volt touch battery ?? as in the Sutcliffe models and all the Lines bros, Victory models and Triang boats. We would never be able to afford any of them, dropping hints at Christmas and birthdays never achieved the desired results, life was tough, and disappointing in those days, 1960s Nowadays I have many of the models I so desired in those days, but never have I found a model of the Miss England, moulded as they were in those days in a type of polythene that warped and degraded, probably they have all long gone. So from memory, I have made my own to complete the “set” I so desired, no claims for accuracy , no plans or drawings, so if you have one, or pictures of them, I would be pleased to see it. see her in trials her on you tube