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Electrics / Re: HMS Cossack motor/speed issues?
« Last Post by PompeyMarine on 14 June 2023, 22:53:58 »
Thanks for the reply Colin. Wise words indeed. ^^^
Investigating further, when I ran the props at full pelt together, it looked like it had cleared the problem, as they were both turning at approximately the same speed. When I boat it in my pool, it actually moved forwards well, although seemed to go slightly to the left when the rudder is dead centre (I’ll come back to this in a bit).
The next problem was although it was going at speed, the left propeller kept coming off, so I have bought some thread lock and lock nuts to try and help.
Testing the boat tonight I noticed that my original issue was back with one prop turning slower than the other. I have bought some GT85, but not had a chance 9or the knowledge) to clean it out yet.
It was while testing tonight I noticed my next problem….. both props are turning the same way. I’ve read about having to change over wires on one motor, but can anyone help with what I’m meant to do please? Not sure if it’s brushless motors I have or not.
Latest News / DEANS MARINE steam products sale
« Last Post by rondean on 12 June 2023, 15:47:47 »
 Having a clear out and found some old Kyosho Mini Z Racing boats from our display models from years ago.
A good clean up ans chase out the wildlife living insides, a oil and grease up.
Originally  Kyosho mini Z racing boats, no longer available, fiited with small batteries 6v Nicads, also no longer available.
 so refitted with a new battery tray a 3g Lipos and a lot of trimming to get balance correct, models are fitted with adjustable skegs on the outdrive for different weather conditions.
All in all a good conversion, you can still get the bodies for the 2 different types of boat, and fit ex small aircraft radio and motor, escs and mini rudder servo  ( Lambougini model comes with servo) etc from a wrecked plane, should give great performance with out the reverse.
 see it in action on You tube here
 Deans Marine
Electrics / Re: HMS Cossack motor/speed issues?
« Last Post by colin on 12 June 2023, 07:38:07 »
You probably have a problem with one of the propshafts causing drag, which makes it harder for the motor to turn the propshaft..

Disconnect the motors from the propshafts and try turning them by hand, they should turn freely..

You might have to dismantle the propshafts, and give them a good clean out..
Then with the correct lubrication put everything back together, making sure that the proshafts turn freely..

It also sounds like, that your speed controler, might be set up wrong..
If you have more speed in one direction, for example the motors turn faster in forward or reverse..  you might have to re-set your speed controler..

On other thing, even though you say, the motors are identical, one of them might have problems with its bushes..  I suppose that the motors are not brushless.. 
Electrics / HMS Cossack motor/speed issues?
« Last Post by PompeyMarine on 11 June 2023, 10:46:11 »
I bought a built Deans HMS Cossack, with all gear installed with the exception of batteries.

Everything works when testing in my pool, but at first I noticed there was no forward propulsion. Added more ballast to help get the props deeper into the water, which help marginally, but not much.
As reverse seemed to be quite fast, I thought maybe the props should be swapped around and viola, I now have forward movement.......but without turning the rudder, it kept going to port. So I took the boat out and watched the props. As I increased speed the starboard prop turned correctly, but the port one hardly turned?

This is my first foray into the world of RC boats, so could I have advice on what I need to do please? It's running two identical motors from one ESC.
« Last Post by rondean on 07 June 2023, 11:01:03 »
 These items are from the DEANS MARINE workshop and are surplus to requirements as we will no longer be carrying steam related products.
All are new items that have never been used and have come from our display cases
Deans Marine / Mamod steam  parts

Inline twin cylinder double acting engine with r/c operating control valve for fine control in fwd & reverse with a geared drive to a raised drive shaft swing big props at hi torque.
this is a experimental test engine and is unique.  £185.00

Single cylinder slide valve engine geared drive and heavy duty flywheel for smooth running with base plate mounting.  £145.00

In line twin cylinder flat drive , geared down paddle steamer engine with r/c operating control valve for fine control in fwd & reverse £185.00
 Screw in pressure gauge for constant reading of boiler pressure  £55.50
Precision designed displacement lubricator for steam oil feed in to your engine £39.00
CONTACT DEANS MARINE  O1733 244166  or e-mail
Sell your Model / DEANS MARINE steam products sale
« Last Post by rondean on 06 June 2023, 12:15:41 »
 These items, and many more are from the DEANS MARINE workshop /showrooms and are surplus to requirements as we will no longer be carrying steam related products.

Cheddar models prototype unit
 This unit was being developed as a complete unit to drop in to a range of twin screwed steam powered models in our range such as the Elbe "Ditmar Koel" pilot boat, this was just before Cheddar models ceased trading.
 The unit is based on a CMB boiler fitted gas burner with a ceramic element and fitted with a gas attenuator valve, The engine are 2 Puffin units and boiler mounted on a separate base plates to enable various space between the centres to be easily fitted in to different models.
 The unit has been tested and run for approx 6 hours in total and then shelved as it would not be put in to production at that time, so is now surplus to requirements.
 This is a smooth and powerful unit and is a successful design..
 As the unit has been stored for a number of years, and a good service and replacement of all O rings would be recommended, This unit has a boiler certificate showing that it was tested and fitted to this model.
Suggested updates were to add a steam valve between the boiler and engines to speed up firing.
   Price  £1200.00  o.n.o

Ditmar Koel model
This kit we used to trial run the above engine, and altered to make it best suitable for a twin steam plant as a power unit. the plant from the boat can easily be fitted in back in place, the model is not complete with all its fittings as befits a trails vessel but the rest of the fittings, plans etc to complete are included.
 This model shows wear and tear as it was a trials vessel and some tidying and fettling is required but is basically a very sound model fitted with 55mm brass propellers, slimline shafts with oiler tubes and heavy duty steam proof couplings.
 The model ( not this one) can be seen sailing on You tube here
   £395..00 o.n.o
Customers Builds / Deans Marine HMS Amethyst
« Last Post by rondean on 02 June 2023, 13:31:21 »
Hi all
 Modeller from the Netherlands  posted a video of his model from one of our kits, H M S Amethyst 1/96 scale
see on you tube here

very nice film and good editing
 Deans Marine
Latest News / DEANS MARINE Wickstead /Mayhem weekend report
« Last Post by rondean on 29 May 2023, 12:04:58 »
A report from the Modelboatmayhem weekend on the 27-28th May at Wickstead park, Kettering U K.
I'm sure I'll recover from the weekend soon, hot sunshine, light winds and a great crowd, plus I get in 2 days of sailing models of many types. And trialled run the updated R Y Britannia model, see her  in action on you tube.

Firstly a massive thank you to Nick and the Wickstead club for for organising the thing
Thanks to Martin, Ruth and Gina for everything they do, and Bacon baps at 8 in the morning are the best thin on earth.
Thanks to the Wicksteed club for letting us make a mess of their lake
Most importantly, thanks to everyone who turned up.
It's hard to believe just how enormous this thing is getting now, at 10:30am on Saturday I counted 145 modellers lakeside, approx 36 boats on the water and there was not a clear space around the lake side that was not occupied by a club or trade stand.
lunchtime it was impossible to count how many people there were around the lake viewing the models by the public, what a advertisement for the hobby. And we picked up some new and younger members to the hobby.
Here's to next year
Full report on the modelboatmayhem site and still growing.
Customers Builds / Re: ZB Vance War Bride from St Olaf kit
« Last Post by ESF on 23 May 2023, 11:55:52 »
Colin, thank you for viewing and for your kind comments.

Customers Builds / Re: ZB Vance War Bride from St Olaf kit
« Last Post by colin on 23 May 2023, 05:44:22 »
very nice, grand job..  ^^^
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