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Electrics / Re: Motor/models list
« Last Post by colin on 02 August 2023, 11:36:15 »
Electrics / Re: Motor/models list
« Last Post by mikearace on 01 August 2023, 14:59:49 »
I’d welcome a list too.  Returning to model building after a gap of 8 years my rc motor brain has turned to mush
Electrics / Motor/models list
« Last Post by shipmate60 on 31 July 2023, 17:05:43 »
There used to be a list of advised Deans motors for the whole model range complete with ESC ratings.
 It seems a wast of all that development expertise. Is it still available?

Latest News / next release from DEANS MARINE
« Last Post by rondean on 17 July 2023, 10:44:35 »
       Dear  Modellers
 I thought that you might like more news from the edge of the world near Farcet and to let you know the latest news from DEANS MARINE
Next release in the Fast Launch range  is the model of a model ?  MISS ENGLAND V  we hope to have this model on display at the Northampton model boat meeting on the 23rd of July when we intend to test run her 9 our pond is to small for long hi speed runs.
    Scale 1/12th   Length 729mm   Beam 160mm
Before we begin we wish to be clear this craft does not exist in real life as far as we know.
The idea began very many years ago when as a young lad walking home from school, most days  my friends and myself would pass by Mckennas The model shop and stop a drool over all the goodies in the windows.
 For years this display of model boats, all the famous ones from our childhood, the Victory models of the fire boat , the Mercury, ( VIP Express) and this one labelled as Miss England in choice of 2 colours. To quote the advert of the time, you can race your friend across the water at speed ? With its powerful mighty midget motor and 4.5 volt touch battery ?? plus the Sutcliffe models and all the Lines bros, and Triang boats.
We would never be able to afford any of them, dropping hints at Christmas and birthdays never achieved the desired results, life was tough, and disappointed in those days.
 Nowadays I have many of the models I so desired in those days, but never have I found a model of the Miss England, moulded as they were in those days in a type of polythene that warped and degraded, probably they have all long gone.
 So from memory, I have made my own to complete the “set” I so desired, no claims for accuracy , no plans or drawings, so if you have one, or pictures of them, I would be pleased to see it.
 Enjoy her, if like me you have memories of the models all those years ago that we so out of reach of pocket money prices.
The model.
 This kit is based on a glass fibre hull with rubbing strip and  moulded into the surface of the hull. The construction of the deck  is light weight Vacformed deck and seat wells
Laser cut plastic parts in hi impact Hips plastic and laser cut windscreen for fast assembly
 A full set of fittings in cast alloy is included in the kit, along with a full size plan and a comprehensive set of instructions.
 Deans Marine
Customers Builds / Komet and Truro
« Last Post by colin on 09 July 2023, 10:15:41 »
Mr Armstron has sent us some photo's of his Komet and Truro..

his comment was..
“I thoroughly enjoyed building both models and was delighted with the final results.  Only thing I didn’t do was to add radio control as I was too nervous about damaging them if I sailed them. “

Electrics / Re: HMS Cossack motor/speed issues?
« Last Post by PompeyMarine on 25 June 2023, 07:34:59 »
I don’t know how many times I’ve watched that video Ron  ^^^

Just waiting for payday and then I can get some propellers to replace the lost one  ::)
Electrics / Re: HMS Cossack motor/speed issues?
« Last Post by rondean on 24 June 2023, 10:31:12 »
Electrics / Re: HMS Cossack motor/speed issues?
« Last Post by PompeyMarine on 18 June 2023, 16:54:17 »
Well after a week of issues, today she had her maiden sailing and went beautifully....until one of the props fell off :D
But whilst she was running, she sailed like a dream.
Electrics / Re: HMS Cossack motor/speed issues?
« Last Post by PompeyMarine on 15 June 2023, 22:43:18 »
Thank you Colin.

I have started on your advice tonight but didn’t get far  ;D

Tried to undo the nuts holding the propshafts, but couldn’t find the right sized spanner… on order from Amazon  ::)

Tried to get the wires out of the Tamiya plug for one of the motors…… wires came out, connectors stayed in! Another order for Amazon made !!
Electrics / Re: HMS Cossack motor/speed issues?
« Last Post by colin on 15 June 2023, 06:09:47 »
so it seams that you will have to dismantle your Propshafts to give them a good clean..
GT85 should be Okay..
Brushless = 3 wires go from the speedcontroler to the motor..
Brushed = 2 wires go from the speedcontroler to the motor..

Yes...  Propellers that keep coming off, is because there not locked against a nut.. a spot of loctight helps, but normaly not essential..
you can see this in the attached photo..

You should have a left and right handed Propeller, if you have two of the same type of Propeller then you can not swop the wires over on the motor..

But yes, that would be the normal practice..

you might like to take a look at my HMS Toutou build..  you can see the locknuts against the propellers, and also a left and right handed propeller..
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